Modern Man

At Modern Man, we use what we believe to be the best products on the market.

For our men's manicures, we use Jessica products . Improving the condition of the hands and nails, without being overly feminine or perfumed.

For our men's Pedicures, we use Jessica ZenSpa - a pedicure for the spirit. The exotic ingredients really improve the condition of the feet and nails. Papain is found in all of our Pedicure products which derives from the papaya. This ingredient is wonderful as it exfoliates, stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling, and encourages new healthy skin cells to grow.

For our waxing, we use PhD safety wax which is the original, tried and tested, best tube and applicator waxing system. PhD, which stands for Professional, Hygienic and Disposable uses Pre-Sealed applicator heads for each client which are disposed of after each waxing treatment. It has a unique patented gate mechanisms in each applicator that prevents wax from re entering the tube. PhD is the only system that reduces the risk of cross-infection from one client to another.